Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Science(-fiction) musings on how to achieve longevity and immortality


1. Store regenerative material at a younger age (umbilical cord, sperm/oocytes, iPS).

2. Live a healthy lifestyle to minimize damage. Avoid toxins, build resilience.


1. Treat early on and aggressively any abnormality.

2. Replace body-parts as need be with (self-) regenerative medicine or bionic prostheses.


3. Create a legacy through your progeny, your life’s work, and through educating/influencing others.

4. “Download” your mind to a cloud computer website/app when your body eventually fails beyond repair, like a car with too many miles. Put all your legacy of knowledge and wisdom online. Your mind computer app will continue to interact with and advise your progeny, kin, and the world at large.