Monday, August 2, 2010

Aging, longevity and the mind

Aging and longevity are opposite sides of the same coin, in a Yin-Yang relationship.

There are passive and active mechanisms for aging. The passive mechanisms involve "mileage on the car" type wear and tear, free radical damage, fibrosis, necrosis. The active mechanisms involve "shutting down" due to chronic overwhelming stress, adverse environment, being damaged without hope of improvement and being a burden to extended kin. They involve active gene expression and apoptosis, triggered by anxiety, depression and their whole-body correlates. Antidepressant/antianxiety medications and therapies can have a role in mitigating these active mechanism. Modulate your Mindscape to modulate aging.

Similarly, there are passive and active mechanisms for longevity. The passive mechanisms involve "genetic lottery", inherited high levels of activity of detoxifying and free radical mopping enzymes. The active mechanisms involve "environmental choices and actions", upregulation of repair mechanisms triggered by intermittent manageable stress, such as with exercise and calorie restriction.